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if you ever need someone to talk to or if you need to let your feelings out, i'm here.

hey little fighter, soon it will be brighter
" Breathe. It’s only a bad day,not a bad life. "
- Johnny Depp  (via yoursly)

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ARTIST: Krista Siegfrids
TRACK: Can You See Me?

this goes out to all those who’s lost a special someone

→ Anonymous whispered : my best friend is planning on having this huge party and her mom is the kind that just doesn't care, which means there's going to be alcohol and no rules. I can't NOT go because even though the friendship is toxic, it'll be worse if we fight. And I'm worried that if I do go I'll get involved in something I'll regret (we're all underage)

Why are you friends with her if it’s bad for you? Do whatever the hell you want and don’t care about what your friend’s gonna say

→ Anonymous whispered : my best friend got three Fs on her report card this semester. (We're in year 9 and at different high schools to each other, if that's relevant). I'm a straight A student (literally) and I know I can help her but I also know that she won't accept my help. She's really stubborn and proud so I don't think I can just say "Do you want some help?" Because she'll say "no". So I just want to know if there's anything I can do for her or anyway to convince her to let me help/tutor her.

Just try to tell her that you’re trying to help and it’s the best for her I mean she’ll be grateful in the future because I’m sure she’ll need the stuff she’s learning

→ Anonymous whispered : I have this problem, I've been going out with this boy, but he hasn't been showing me love at all. So I started to talk to another guy and he is really funny and shows an interest and actually treats me how I want to be treated. Although I haven't told my boyfriend. Should I hide my feelings or come clean? Should I go for it with the other boy? I'm just so confused, thought maybe seeing as you were so nice you'd help me x

If you’re not happy with the way you’re being treated then you should definitely do something about it.

→ Anonymous whispered : Hey, I need some advice... I've never been a very popular person but I always felt like I at least had some very close friends but lately I feel more and more left out by them... like, I get so ridiculously jealous and I don't know how to stop that. I hear a friend of mine talking about another friend and I feel like the last piece of sh*t, though I know it's stupid. I just ALWAYS feel like no one cares, and I tend to push people away with that attitude.... What the hell is wrong with me? :(

They do care, don’t think they don’t. And good that you have friends though but everyone’s got other friends too than just that one and only so you have no reason to be jealous, you’re as important to your friends as their other friends so don’t think any less of yourself.

→ Anonymous whispered : If I told my mum I cut, she would scream and kick me out of the house, I'm being truthful and she would never forgive me or help me out

then you need to get help somewhere else, call the hotlines or visit the school nurse for example

→ Anonymous whispered : Uhhh my mum saw my cuts and screamed at me so yeah idk what to do and all the girls in school think I'm doing it for attention

Don’t care about the girls in your school, they don’t know you. Try to explain why you cut to your mom. She’ll help you out.

ARTIST: Sunrise Avenue
TRACK: Welcome To My Life

just thought i could share

→ Anonymous whispered : I want to die

you need to get help for your problems. talk to your friends, family or anyone. They’ll know how to help you. Don’t try to handle them all alone. But don’t do anything stupid because it’s not permanent.